Our Lady of Lourdes
Ferguson Road,
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General Information

Class Times:

School commences at    8.45am
Morning recess at    10.30am - 10.50am
Lunch (eating time)    12.50pm - 1.05pm. Children will be seated during this time to eat their lunch until the playtime bell is rung.
Playtime     1.05pm - 1.30pm
Dismissal of children    3.05pm
Bells are used to signal these times.

Responsibility for students will be taken between 8.30am and 3.20pm. Please do not leave unsupervised children at school outside these times.

Pre-Primary Class Times

School commences at    8.45am
Lunch (eating time)    12.50pm - 1.05pm. Children will be seated during this time to eat their lunch until the playtime bell is rung.
Playtime     1.05pm - 1.30pm
Dismissal of children    3.05pm

Parents are requested to escort their children to the Pre-Primary Class between 8.30am and 8.45am, at which time the teacher will direct the student to an appropriate activity.

Parents are then required to vacate the centre so that the normal programme can commence promptly. Attendance for Pre-Primary is compulsory. Pre-Primary students are required to wear the school sports uniform and the Junior school jacket and pants.

Kindergarten Class Times

Kindergarten classes commence at 8.45am every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The children are to be escorted to the Kindergarten Class and delivered to the teacher in charge. Classes finish at 3.05pm and the children are to be collected at the gate outside the Kindy/Pre-Primary yard. Attendance is not compulsory and kindergarten children are not required to wear a uniform.

Children turning 4 years old before 30th June are eligible for enrolment for that year. Kindergarten sessions are held three full days: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Children who are absent from school for any period of time are required to bring a written note from their parents with the following information: Date of absence and reason for absence.

Parents are also asked to phone the school to let us know that your child will not be present at school for that day.

Late Arrivals – Early Departure

Punctuality is important as it is sound life skill training and teaches responsibility. Students who arrive late can disrupt morning routines.

Children who do not arrive punctually at school for the commencement of the day are asked to come to the office for a late note signed by their parents before going to class. Parents who wish to take their child or children from the school before the official conclusion of the day must inform the teacher concerned, and complete an early departure note in the office. Only the legal guardian may remove their child from school. If there is any reason for someone other than the legal guardian to take a child from the school a written note must be given to the teacher from the guardian.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care policy aims at defining activities and enhancing already established practices as well as exploring ways of understanding and dealing with evolving needs.

Positive re-enforcement is used by all teachers to encourage appropriate behaviour and respect for others.

Classroom rules are established in a collaborative manner.

Should there be continued occurrences of inappropriate behaviour then the procedures outlined in the school’s Behaviour Management policy are followed.

Parents are informed of behavioural problems promptly and are expected to work with the school in rectifying the situation. Specific programs are in place for all students including resiliency programs and an anti-bullying policy and procedures.

Religious Education

Within a school environment that integrates faith, life and culture; daily Religious Education sessions are conducted in all classes. The Perth Archdiocese Religious Education Units of work form the basis of religious education instruction and practices in the school. All students, irrespective of religious affiliation are expected to participate in all aspects of the Religious Education programme. Making Jesus Real (MJR) is a program aimed at empowering students to develop life skills, essential for success. The program is centred on the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all people around us. The students at Our Lady of Lourdes are encouraged to bring the Spirit of Jesus alive through their positive interactions with each other and the community. The MJR message is simple: it is part of our everyday lives; we can bring the Spirit of Jesus to life through our daily actions and words. Twice a term at the MJR assembly we celebrate the MJR Stars. These awards recognise students in our school living the values outlined in the MJR program.

Assessment & Reporting

Our Lady of Lourdes, Dardanup is committed to providing high quality education programmes to meet the needs of our students. Our school provides a comprehensive reporting programme that keeps parents informed of the academic, social and behavioural progress of their children. The reporting process includes written reports, parent meetings, NAPLAN reporting, learning journeys, Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment, and Curriculum Adjustment Plan (CAP) and Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings.

Formal Reporting - Kindergarten to Year 6

Term 1: Parent/Teacher meetings
Term 2: Semester One Reports
Term 3: Open Morning
Term 4: Semester Two Reports

Informal Reporting

Parents are encouraged to make contact with their child’s class teacher to discuss the developments of their child throughout the year.

School Excursions

Parents will be notified in advance of all details relating to excursions. Every excursion is organised so that it enhances the school curriculum and full safety precautions are adhered to. Parent permission must be given before students leave the school on excursions.

School camps are organised annually for Year 5 & 6 students.


Every student has access to the school library and all, including Kindergarten, may take books home. Any books taken home must be placed inside a library bag and need to be looked after.

The cost of replacing damaged or lost books will be met by parents. Please note your child’s library day and ensure they have their library book with them.

Assemblies and School Mass

Each class is responsible for presenting an assembly once per year, highlighting the recent work being done by that class. Assemblies are held on Thursdays at 8.45am.

Each class is also responsible for organising a school Mass on a roster basis. Class Masses are held on Thursdays also.

Early Childhood Playground

Recent building projects have resulted in the provision of additional facilities necessary to build on the quality learning experiences already provided for all students. The Early Childhood playground area has recently undergone significant improvement, in line with the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework, providing students with a play enriched environment, where children are able to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and create meaning. The physically active play allows children to test and develop their motor skills, as well as promoting health and well-being.

Liturgical Celebrations

School liturgical celebrations will be held throughout the year. Each class will have the opportunity to prepare and become involved in the Liturgies by reading, singing, presenting the offertory, liturgical movement and making banners appropriate to the liturgy. Liturgy is an integral part of the Religious Education programme and teachers will make every effort to make this a special and meaningful time for the children.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement enhances learning programmes and gives parents the opportunity to be a part of their child’s education at school. There are a wide range of areas that parents can assist within the school including committees, classroom volunteer work, excursions, sports, canteen and various other ways.


If your child is ill, please keep him/her at home until he/she has recovered. If a child becomes ill during the day, parents will be notified to take them home.


The school’s policy on the administering of medication has been developed with the student’s well being in mind in accordance with the directions from the Catholic Education Office. It is preferred that all medication is given by parents or guardians. Medications are to be stored in the office. In the case of medication to be taken daily over a long period of time, there are specific school-wide procedures to be followed. Discussion with the Principal is required.

Medical Services

Services available to the school include:

  • School Psychologist
  • School Nurse
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapist

Infectious Diseases

It is important for parents to observe certain rules concerning infectious diseases. These regulations are set down by the State Department of Public Health.

Head Lice - Exclude from school.
Treatment can be obtained from the local chemists. The eggs can only be removed by combing with a fine tooth comb.
Only then can the child be readmitted to school.

Ringworm - Exclude from school.
Treatment available from chemist.
Incubation period 10 - 14 days.

Measles - Exclude from school.
Incubation period up to 21 days.
Child readmitted on doctor’s advice and production of medical certificate.

Chicken Pox - Exclude from school.
Incubation period 1 - 20 days.
Child readmitted on doctor’s advice and production of medical certificate.

Mumps - Exclude from school.
Incubation period 14 - 21 days.
Child readmitted on doctor’s advice and production of medical certificate.

Immunisation Chart

2 months First Triple Antigen Diphtheria, Tetanus & Whooping Cough Injection
  Sabin Vaccine Polio By mouth
4 months 2nd Triple Antigen Diphtheria, Tetanus & Whooping Cough Injection
  Sabin Vaccine Polio By mouth
6 months 3rd Triple Antigen Diphtheria, Tetanus & Whooping Cough Injection
  Sabin Vaccine Polio By mouth
12 months Measles Vaccine Measles Injection
18 months Combined Diphtheria-Tetanus Vaccine (CDT booster - 1) Diphtheria & Tetanus Injection
4 years Combined Diphtheria-Tetanus Vaccine (CDT booster - 2) Diphtheria & Tetanus Injection
  Sabin Vaccine booster Polio By Mouth

Lost Property

Unmarked lost property will be kept for a term and then sold through the uniform shop. Lost property is kept in a box in the Office.


Please ensure that if your child is inviting all children in the class to a birthday party then invitations can be given out at school. However, if some children are not being invited please give them out at some other place and time.


We do not currently have a school canteen on site.
Monday - Friday the children may order their lunch from the Dardanup Store. Parents are responsible for ordering and payment of their lunch at the store. The Dardanup Store delivers the lunches at 12.50pm to the school.

Road Supervision

Teachers are on duty after school to take students across the road outside the school and to accompany students to the bus stop.


Children who ride bikes to school are to walk them through the school property and store them in the designated area.

School Car Park Arrangements

Parking is provided at the front of the school as well as at the Prayer House and Church.

In-Car Pick Up

An In-Car Pick Up service is available each afternoon. Please see the school office for more details.


All children are covered under a Catholic Church Insurance policy for accidents at school or on school excursion for up to $200,000. The cost of this service is approximately $4.00 per child per year, and is paid by the school at the beginning of each year.

Office Hours

The administration officer will be in attendance from 8.00am – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday, during school term. During this time payments and enquiries can be made to the office. The school does NOT have EFTPOS facilities.

With Christ as its inspiration and guided by Gospel values, the School aims to develop a sense of worth, responsibility, respect for others and an ongoing love of God and of learning.