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Newsletter 12th May, 2020

A Prayer for Mothers

Lord bless our Mothers with wisdom
to teach and guide their children.

Give all Mothers the patience to deal with the difficulties of their job and give them a special blessing as they care so lovingly for the gifts that they have the honour of raising, their precious children.

On this special day set aside to celebrate Mothers,
we ask for a special blessing from the Lord for each and every one of them.

May each Mother, Grandmother and Mothering figure in our community be granted a special blessing, and may all the work of her hands and heart always be appreciated.

Let her example to her children be a guiding force in their lives,


Dear Parents and Community Members,


Mother’s Day

We were not able to have our usual Mother’s Day Mass and morning tea this year, but our lovely P&F Executive organised a raffle for our students.  Each student who was at school on Friday was given a ticket in the raffle and had a chance to win a prize for their Mum.  We thank our P&F for this kind gesture.  Congratulations to Finn Edwards, Rubi Quadrio, Van Edwards and Leo Magenta who were lucky enough to take home a prize for their Mum.  See photos in the gallery.  We hope all our Mums had a lovely day on Sunday.


Remote Learning and Return to School

Thank you for all your support with Remote Learning over the last few weeks.  Due to the number of students who have returned to school, we will no longer be emailing Home Learning Programs, and have returned to face-to-face teaching.  We had almost 90% attendance at school today, with only 6 families choosing to work from home this week.  Over the coming weeks, teachers will be completing assessments and adjusting learning experiences for students as we transition back to classroom learning.


Afternoon Car Park Guidelines

Thank you to parents for your patience in the afternoons in the main car park where we are going to continue with two lanes of cars to collect children, as it seems to be the best option to get cars off Ferguson Road and safely get our youngest students to their family cars.  Parents with their youngest children in Pre-Kindy, Kindy, Pre-primary and Year 1 are using the main school car park for an afternoon pick up.  Families with their youngest child in Years 2-6 are using the driveway in front of the Church for afternoon pick-up.


Parents on school grounds

At the moment, due to Government regulations, parents are not permitted to enter the school grounds.  This is particularly difficult for our younger students, but they are doing really well getting out of the car and walking into school all by themselves.  If you need to collect students early or deliver anything to the office, please just call the office when you arrive in the car park and we will come out to see you.


Winter Uniform

Please note that students in Years 1-6 wear their formal winter uniform on designated days in Terms 2 and 3.  This includes long grey trousers for boys, tartan skirt or pinafore or navy trousers for girls along with navy tights or white school socks.  Navy woollen jumper or vest is worn with formal winter uniform, the sports jacket is only to be worn with sports uniform on sports days.  Uniform orders can be made online using CDF Pay, and items will be sent home with students.  Please note the uniform shop is not able to be open at the moment and parents are not able to come into the school to visit the uniform shop.   If you have difficulty using CDF pay, please call the office and we can assist you with your uniforms.  We can always change sizes if the uniforms you get home are not the right size.


Sports Days Reminder

Week 3 (this week) we return to normal allocated sports uniform days for all classes.
The following days are allocated as sports days for each class:
Year 1:    Tuesday and Friday
Year 2:    Monday and Friday
Year 3:    Tuesday and Friday
Year 4:    Wednesday and Friday
Year 5:   Tuesday and Friday
Year 6:   Tuesday and Friday
Students wear their sports uniform only on these days.  This has not changed, this is a reminder for families. 


Casuals for Catholic Care Day

Thank you for your gold coin donations to support the Bishop’s annual appeal.  Catholic Care was established in 2003 to assist people in need in our diocese.  With the latest events in our world, it is even more important to continue helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  The focus of this year’s fundraising is the St Vincent de Paul Society.  Thank you to all families for their generous support of our Casuals for Catholic Care day.  This year we raised $250.


Storm Damage

As you will see in the photo gallery, we had some damage last week after the storm with a large tree split and fallen in the main car park, along with many other branches and debris.  We greatly appreciate the pro-active parents who immediately offered their assistance and returned with chainsaws, a bobcat and truck, and the carpark was cleared by the end of the school day.  We are so blessed with our supportive community.  Special thanks to Jason Williamson, Jelka Ciric and Al Allwright and others who kindly offered assistance as well.  Special thanks, also, to our groundsman Brian Quaife, who responded quickly to ensure a safe play area for our students.


Pre Kindy

We welcomed two new students to our Pre-Kindy class last week, with two more due to start this week.  It is always a good day with our littlest students.  There is nothing better than seeing the wonder in their eyes as they explore, play and learn and begin to develop their independence.


Baby Welcome

Congratulations to Karissa and Matt on the arrival of adorable little Cruze, a baby brother for Melodie and Levi.

Have a wonderful week.

May God bless you



Mrs Angela Hegney


Our Lady of Lourdes