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Newsletter 10th November, 2020

Reconciliation Prayer

Lord, you give us many opportunities to start again.

Help us to accept your help through the gift of Reconciliation.

Help us to overcome our struggles

when tempted to act in a manner that is not in keeping with your commandment

to love one another.


Dear Parents and Community Members,

Interschool Sports Carnival

Last Friday week we joined with St Mary’s Donnybrook and St Michael’s Brunswick for the Interschool Athletics Carnival. The day was filled with a wonderful sense of spirit and our students displayed great sportsmanship, participation and talent throughout the day. It was a joy to see all students being part of the day.  Special thanks to our P&F for coordinating morning tea and Subway lunches for all three schools.  It was another outstanding effort and added to the success of the day.  Thanks to Ms Maslin for her organisation of the day.  See photos in the gallery.  Congratulations to the champion boys and girls.  The following students from OLOL were awarded:

Year Champion Runner-up

Sadie Moloney

Fletcher Tyrrell

Isobel McDonald

Jack Jillett

2 Sophie Maiolo Lia Giumelli
3 = Sophie Casagrande

= Teleah Edwards

=Katie Hughes

=Levi Richards

4 Mitchell O’Rourke Christian Goyder
5 Mac Barbetti  

=Lauren Bayliss

=Jessica Sampey

Riley O’Rourke


Annual School Community Meeting
(School Board and P&F)

The Annual School Community Meeting will be held on Tuesday 24 November at 6.00pm, all are encouraged to attend.  Nominations for Board and P&F Executive positions close on Monday 16 November.  Please see the office for a form if you would like to nominate yourself or someone else.  This is a wonderful way to be involved in school life, supporting the education of your children.


School Board

The next Board meeting is Tuesday 17 November at 5.30pm.



Our wonderful P&F are holding one final fund raising activity for the year, a Christmas Raffle.   A project to be discussed at the next meeting (next Tuesday 17 November at 9.00am) is the provision of charging/storage stations for new school devices.  Each year, the P&F contributes towards the cost of our Year 6 adventure camp and Year 5 surf camp, reducing the cost to parents.  The assistance given through P&F activities is a huge support to our school.  Come along if you would like to be part of the decision making.


Community Carols night and Family Picnic

On Friday 4 December, we will be having our second Community Carols night under the trees near the nature play area, followed by a BYO picnic tea.
Carols will commence at 5.30pm.  Students will need to assemble with their teachers at 5.15pm in the hall.
Each class from Kindy to Year 6 will be gathering on stage to sing a Christmas carol, then following the carols, families are invited to have a picnic tea on the grass.  Tea and coffee will be provided for the adults, please bring your own dinner and drinks.  Pre-Kindy students are invited to sing with the Kindy and Pre-Primary students, but will sit with their families during the concert.

Message from Miss Barbera regarding costumes:

All students will be participating and singing carols on stage with their class. Costume requirements for all students are as follows: Red, green or white Christmas T-shirt or a plain red, green or white T-shirt. Sports uniform (navy shorts) and sports shoes.  Christmas accessories are encouraged such as, Santa hats, tinsel, Christmas earrings, head bands etc.

Many thanks, Miss Barbera (Music Teacher)


Booklist for 2020

Booklists for 2020 will be sent home shortly. You may either choose to complete your order online or return the list to school by Friday 4 December.


Book Fair

Thank you to everyone for supporting the 2020 Book Fair.  It was a huge success and this has enabled us to order 121 new books for the library.  The books will be on the library shelves in the next few weeks. Look out for the Book Fair sticker inside the front cover to know which books have come from our Book Fair success. Thank you, once again, to our P&F coordinator and helpers.



Last Wednesday, 14 Year 3 students and 1 Year 4 student celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.   At the conclusion, we cut the cake and shared morning tea outside the Church.  To give thanks for reception of this Sacrament, the students were invited to attend the Saturday night Mass last weekend, where they were presented with their certificates.


Confirmation Congratulations

Congratulations to Izhaak Amat, who received the Sacrament of Confirmation last Saturday night.  Fr Wayne ministered the Sacrament to him, with delegation from Bishop.  Unfortunately, Izhaak was sick when his classmates celebrated their Confirmation so in consultation with his family an alternate date was arranged.  May God continue to bless you always, Izhaak.


Kindy 2021 Orientation Meeting

We welcome our Kindy 2021 parents and students on Monday 23 November for an orientation meeting at 9.00am in the hall.  Supervision will be provided for next year’s Kindy students in the Kindy room during the meeting.  The duration of the meeting should be about an hour.  We look forward to welcoming families, old and new, as they begin their OLOL journey with their child.


End of Year Celebration/Graduation

This is being held on Wednesday 9 December at 6.00pm.  A Graduation Liturgy will be followed by our end of year awards presentations and acknowledgement of our graduating Year 6 students.  Supper will follow for Year 6 families.   The venue is yet to be decided.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there may be a change from the usual venue (the Cathedral).  Parents will be informed in the coming days.  The date and time will not change, though.


Year 5 Surf Camp

Our Year 5 students will be down south in two weeks at their Surf Camp, on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November.  This is part of our MJR program, noticing ‘God Moments’, the wonder and beauty of God’s creation and our experiences interacting with our environment and challenging ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones.  Parents are all welcome to come along to our Surf Camp, even if it is for one Surf Lesson, for dinner, to stay the night, or just come for a sausage sizzle lunch at Margaret River on Friday after the second Surf Lesson.


Swimming Lessons

This week and next week students from Years 1-6 have swimming lessons every day.  Sports uniform may be worn every day during this fortnight.  Please make sure all items of clothing are labelled.


School Activities

This has been a very busy term so far, with activities and events including two Sports Carnivals, Grandparents Day, World Teachers Day, Kindy Café, Book Fair, Reconciliation, Assemblies, Science Day, Stomp Rocket family STEM challenge, and NAIDOC activity afternoon.  Special thanks to all our wonderful staff for their extra effort to organise these activities as part of a well-rounded education for all of our students.  There are lots of photos in the gallery of many of these events.


Welcome to The World

Welcome Zoe Marie Smith, daughter of Hayley and Adam, brother for Max in Kindy.  Congratulations to you all, she is just perfect!  We got to meet her when she was just 6 days old, and she has already been to her first Assembly!


Soccer Goals Thank You

In a recent newsletter, there was a request for some help to make some new soccer goals, as the ones we had were falling apart.  We had two kind offers of assistance, and would like to acknowledge and thank Sean Williamson and Mark Jillett for the outstanding job they did to arrange materials, design and construct two extremely sturdy new soccer goals.  They look amazing and are already being enjoyed by our students.  Thank you Sean and Mark, it was a wonderful surprise when they just ‘appeared’ after school one day last week.  I have heard that these lovely students helped out with the construction, too.


Travel Exemptions

The following information has been provided by CEWA in regard to travel over the Christmas holiday break.

Dear Parents

As the end of the year approaches, some families may choose to leave Western Australia to travel to interstate or overseas destinations.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving, sometimes rapidly, I encourage you to evaluate the necessity and impact of planned travel over the upcoming Christmas holiday break. For example, the Western Australian state government requires overseas travellers to undertake mandatory quarantine in a Perth hotel at their own expense.

Should you wish to travel, I ask that you consult the following websites and contact numbers to inform yourself about border restrictions, exemptions and quarantine requirements:

Entry to Australia

Website:          COVID-19: Entering Australia

Phone: 1800 020 080

Entry to Western Australia

Website:          COVID-19: Entering Western Australia

Phone: 13 26 843


Students who intend to travel to/from overseas destinations who are not listed in the Australian travel exemption categories will require two letters to support their applications to return to Australia:

  1. A confirmation of enrolment letter from Lisa Rodgers, Director General of the Department of Education, Western Australia
  2. A travel support letter from Dr Andrew Robertson, Chief Health Officer, Western Australia.


Should you require support letters for your child:

  1. Email Angela Hegney ( and acknowledge that you are aware that your child may be required to quarantine for 14 days in a Perth COVID-19 hotel upon return to Australia at your own expense.
  2. Please also provide your child’s:
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth (e.g. 13 May 2002)
  • Full Australian address
  • Full overseas address
  1. Angela will request the generation of the two letters and email both letters to you when received.
  2. Attach both letters to your child’s application to return to Australia.

Please note that the process for generation of support letters can take up to two weeks. This being the case, I ask that you attend to the abovementioned process no later than Tuesday 1 December 2020.

Please direct enquiries regarding this process to Angela Hegney.


School Fees

School fees are now overdue.  Please make payment as soon as possible.


Wishing you a wonderful week.

May God bless you



Mrs Angela Hegney


Grounds/Maintenance Person

We are seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic Grounds/Maintenance person to join our staff in 2021. This is a part-time ongoing position.

Selection Criteria:

  • The ability to carry out gardening and maintenance throughout the school.
  • Part-time 18 hour week (over 5 days), 48 weeks per year (4 weeks holiday)
  • The Grounds/Maintenance Person is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the school grounds. The Grounds/Maintenance Person is directly answerable to the Principal.
  • The Grounds/Maintenance Person will be expected to carry out their duties to a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. The Grounds/Maintenance Person will be expected to show initiative in their role.
  • The Grounds/Maintenance Person is employed under the terms and conditions of the NonTeaching staff Enterprise Bargain Agreement 2014.

Applications close on Friday 20 November.


From Mr Vine

Wow, it is already nearly halfway through the term!  This year has definitely been a crazy one but I can’t believe there are only 6 more Mondays until Christmas!

Digital Technologies:

This term in Digital Technologies, all classes are learning about data and how it can be represented, sorted, and used in computing and even in everyday life.

The Australian Curriculum states that data representation refers to “…discrete representation of information using number codes. Data may include characters (for example, alphabetic letters, numbers, and symbols), images, sounds and/or instructions that, when represented by number codes, can be manipulated, stored and communicated by digital systems. For example, characters may be represented using ASCII code or images may be represented by a bitmap of numbers representing each ‘dot’ or pixel.”

Even though we are all learning about the same topic, the outcome and lessons look different across the school.

In Year 1 students have been looking at different ways they can sort the people in our class into groups and patterns.  They have also begun looking at asking questions to collect data about different things like people’s favourite food and colours. This will lead into some discussions about how we can present these findings to our friends using symbols and pictures to represent data, a pre-cursor to how data is used in a digital world.

In Year 4 students have been looking at using morse code to turn words and letters into symbols that can be translated by a friend.  Encoding a word is an example of representing data in a different way. They have learnt about different ways a computer can store data such as pictures, videos and text. These two topics are then linked in looking at how a computer can encode and decode data that is stored within it very quickly.

Year 5 students have started learning about the Binary Number System. The binary number system plays a central role in how information of all kinds is stored on computers. Understanding binary helps to unravel the mystery of computers, as students begin to understand that binary digits represent on and off. This will lead to learning about other computer specific codes like ASCII.

This topic in Digital Technologies links very closely to outcomes in Mathematics especially in the strand of Statistics and Probability. It is also a lot of fun to write and crack codes – everyone loves pretending to be a spy!

Have a lovely week!


School Bus Services

School Bus Services (SBS) have commenced planning for the 2021 school year and are already experiencing an increasing volume of Transport Assistance Applications for 2021.

– Note –

Families do not need to reapply if there are no changes to their current circumstances and they are currently receiving transport assistance by the way of bus or conveyance allowance.

SBS are encouraging applications to be submitted by Monday, 23 November 2020 in order to save a seat for 2021. Any applications received after this date may be delayed which will affect getting onto a bus in time for the commencement of Term 1, 2021.

If you have any questions please contact your Contract Officer at

Our Lady of Lourdes