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Newsletter 24th November, 2020

Dear Parents and Community Members,

It is hard to believe we have less that three weeks left until the end of the 2020 school year, and what a year it has been!  Our students have been amazing in the way they have coped with the challenges and changes of a year like no other, and we are incredibly proud of the way they have adapted and thrived.  They have shown their resilience and their independence and we would like to celebrate the wonderful community that supports us all.  Please take note of all the end of year activities and join with us as we celebrate and conclude an incredible year.

Last week we had our final Board and P&F Meetings for the year.  We are so lucky as a community to have such wonderful people who willingly volunteer their time and talents for our beautiful school.  Please come along to the Annual School Community Meeting TONIGHT at 6.00pm to acknowledge and thank our current volunteers, hear about the events and activities from 2020 and start the planning process for next year. 

As the year has progressed we have continued to provide a morning car park ‘drop and drive’ in the front car park.  I am so impressed with the way our students, particularly the younger ones, hop out of their cars, carry their own bags and walk to classrooms on their own.  ‘Drop and drive’ is available for all students in our school, with the Kindy and Pre-primary students entering safely directly through the gate to their own area.  This will continue next year.  It is a highlight of my day being able to greet students and families in the mornings.


As we near the end of the school year, we prepare to begin the Church season of Advent, with this Sunday being the first Sunday of Advent.

The Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath is a Symbol which reminds us of the everlasting love of God and the time of waiting for the coming of Christ into our lives.

The wreath is round reminding us of the never-ending love of God.

The wreath is made from evergreens reminding us of the life that comes from God.

There are four candles, three purple and one pink, representing the four Sundays in Advent.

The colour purple is the liturgical colour for Advent, which symbolizes a time of waiting and the colour pink represents the joy we share in the life of Jesus.

During the season of Advent one candle on the wreath is lit each Sunday as a part of the Advent services.

On the first Sunday of Advent, the 1st December, the first purple candle is lit. This candle is called the Prophet’s candle to remind us of the prophets, those special people who spoke God’s word to the people and promised that a saviour would come. This candle represents hope or expectation in anticipation of the coming of Jesus.


Whole School Centenary Photo

We will be having a whole school photo TODAY as a memento of our Centenary Year.  MSP, the company who take our usual school photos, will be here to take the photo at 11.00am 


P&F Christmas Raffle
Tickets will be sent home to families soon.  There are some great prizes, just in time for Christmas.  Thank you for your ongoing support of P&F activities, and thank you to our Executive committee and Year 1 parents for coordinating this raffle.  Special thanks to the generous families who kindly donated significant amounts towards the prizes.
Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize

Lenovo Laptop bundle                                                   Valued at $749

Donated by Jones Welding Solutions & Retravision Bunbury


2nd Prize

Bunbury Farmers Market Voucher                           Valued at $500

Donated by JLM Haulage, Heavy Mechanical and Welding Services


3rd Prize

Evedon Lakeside Retreat Voucher                            Valued at $380

Donated by Evedon Lakeside Retreat


4th Prize

Family Fun Package                                                        Valued at $300

Donated by T&M Heavy Mechanical & Site Services


5th Prize

Gourmet Christmas Hamper                                       Valued at $200

Donated by Year 1 Families


6th Prize

Old Coast Road Brewery Voucher                             Valued at $150

Donated by Rethink Marketing


Tickets $5 each.  Tickets go on sale in Week 8.

Draw date:                         Friday 11 Dec 2020



Staff Class Allocations for 2021

As many of you are already aware, there will be some staff changes for next year.  Mrs Mona Dykstra will be enjoying a work-free year, and a number of staff will be enjoying well-earned long-service leave for part of the year.  Replacement for long service leave will be communicated to parents closer to the dates.  Some teaching days, Education Assistant support and timetables are yet to be finalised.


Our Lady of Lourdes School Staff 2021


Principal:  Angela Hegney

Assistant Principals:  Jenny Maslin and Luke Vine






Clare Clark

Jen Clark


Clare Clark

Jen Clark

Renee Boucher


Abbey Thompson (4 days)

TBA (1 day)

Gillian Brady

Suzi Faed

Renee Boucher


Helen Rabjones

Sonia Stenhouse


Sarah Sabatino (M, Tu, W)

Renae Trigwell (Th, F)

Mel Sarre


Natalie Dillon



Cherryl Scott



Paula Houston (4 days)

TBA (1 day)



Hayley Thompson



Danni Barbera (Tu, W)



Jenny Maslin

Sonia Stenhouse


Kath Heelan (T, W, Th, F)



Sarah Sabatino (Th)



Jenny Maslin

Luke Vine

Sonia Stenhouse


Luke Vine


Curriculum Leader PK-2

Clare Clark


Curriculum Leader 3-6

Hayley Thompson


Key Teacher
Digital Technology

Paula Houston



Finance Officer:  Leanne Depiazzi

Administration Officers: Clair Panetta and Mel Sarre



School Board Update

The AGM will be held THIS EVENING, Tuesday 24 November, at 6.00pm.  All are encouraged to attend.  We have had one nomination for the vacancy on our Board, which will be known as ‘The Catholic School Advisory Council’ from next year.  I appreciate the interest in supporting this very important function of our school and acknowledge and thank all of our Board members for their contribution.  We farewell and thank Briony Page this year for her valuable contribution to the Board over the last three years.


P&F News

My sincere thanks to the hard-working executive this year, they have gone ‘above and beyond’ in support of our school and are coming to the end of their two year term.  Nominations have been received prior to tonight’s AGM for next year’s executive group.  Come along to the AGM tonight to hear about the wonderful work they have been involved in this year and to welcome and support a new executive group.


Surf Camp

This camp for our Year 5 students is coming up this week on Thursday and Friday.  It is part of our MJR program, and the students will have an opportunity to appreciate ‘God Moments’ and notice the ‘Spirit of Jesus’ in themselves or others.  Thanks to all the parents who have offered assistance, are cooking for the camp, or attending.  Look out for photos later in the week.


Student Leaders for 2021

Student Leadership speeches for Year 5 students seeking support from their peers in achieving leadership positions are being held soon.  Students have prepared speeches outlining their reasons for being Head Boy or Head Girl, Ministry Leader or Environment Leader.  It is important to note that all Year 6 students are considered ‘leaders’, being the senior students in the school, and as such, they are expected to be good role models for the younger students in the school.  Leaders for 2021 will be announced at the End of Year Celebration/Graduation.  There is some information from Mr Vine about student leaders in today’s newsletter.


Community Carols Night and Family Picnic

This is being held on Friday 4 December commencing at 5.30pm.  All students will be participating, singing carols on stage with their classes, followed by a BYO family picnic.  Students need to assemble in the Hall with their teacher at 5.15pm, for roll call and line-up ready for a 5.30pm start. 


Parish AGM

Please note that there will be NO Saturday night Mass on Saturday 5 December, as all are encouraged to attend the Parish Feast Day Mass on Sunday 6 December followed by morning tea and the Parish AGM in the school hall straight after Mass.


St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

Thank you for the items that have been contributed so far for the hamper appeal to support the needy in our community.  These items will be collected by a representative from Vinnies in the last week of term, so please ensure you have brought your items to school before Monday 7 December.  Your generosity is appreciated.


End of Year Celebration/Graduation

This is being held in our school undercover area on Wednesday 9 December at 6.00pm.  A Graduation Liturgy will be followed by our end of year awards presentations and acknowledgement of our graduating Year 6 students.  All students from Years 1-6 are expected to attend.


End of Year School Reports

Parents, please note that to enable teachers to keep teaching meaningful lessons covering the curriculum until the end of the school year, reports are not being finalised until Week 9.   Reports will be made available for parents to view and download on Friday 11 December.  Please check your login details now for Seqta Connect and contact the school if you are having difficulty.


Last Faction Fun Day

The last Faction Fun Day of the year will be on Thursday 3 November.  This is also the day of the Year 1 Nativity Assembly.


Last Lapping Legends

The last Lapping Legends for the year will be on Friday 4 December.  The time will be extended until 9.00am so everyone can run those last few laps to add to their yearly total.  The top runners will be acknowledged.  Special thanks to Ellen Barbetti for coordinating again this year, and for all the parents who assist each week and to Active Discovery for their sponsorship.  It is a wonderful way to start the day on a Friday morning, and we appreciate the involvement of all who have helped throughout the year.


End of Year Fun Day

This will be held on Thursday 10 December for all students.  Parents are invited to come along.  It promises to be a great day, with lots of fun activities and a sausage sizzle lunch for all.


Formal Uniforms for current Pre-primary students

Pre-primary students moving into Year 1 will need formal school uniforms in addition to their sports uniform that they currently wear every day.  There are some uniforms in the Pre-primary classroom to try on for sizes.  Uniforms can be ordered through the Uniform Shop on CDF Pay.


School Fees

Reminder letters are being sent home.  Please make sure your school fees are paid in full by the end of the school year.


Wishing you a wonderful week.

May God bless you



Mrs Angela Hegney


Vinnies Christmas Appeal

A Christmas without joy is no Christmas at all. Yet that’s what too many people are facing this December. This year in particular, some people have been pushed to the edge just by the cost of daily living, yet alone the cost of putting food on the table for Christmas.

On Friday you would have received a note from our student leaders launching our Annual Vinnies Christmas Appeal. Please consider giving as generously as you can. This appeal helps people in need in our local area. Thank you for your continued and generous support of our Social Justice Initiatives

Jenny Maslin
Assistant Principal



From Mr Vine

This term is flying past us.  It is back to that time of year where we start looking forward to the future. In the next few weeks we will vote on the new student leaders for 2021. The current Year 5 class have focussed on what it is to be a leader in preparation for creating and delivering speeches about why they should be voted for.  I would like to take this timely opportunity to explain the leadership roles we have on offer across the school.

Our Lady of Lourdes is an expression of the life & pastoral care of the Church in the local community. With Christ as its inspiration & guided by Gospel values, the school strives to promote the education & development of the whole child.

Leadership is a quality that all students at Our Lady of Lourdes are encouraged and supported to develop. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 take on the role of leaders of their own learning. Through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, all students are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to be leaders. Students are given opportunities to develop the skills of active, reflective listeners who respond effectively as they work with others to determine and achieve collective goals. Through their actions, Our Lady of Lourdes’ Student Leaders reflect and demonstrate the School’s Values: Compassion, Justice, Courage, Respect, and Integrity.

With this in mind, the roles students have the opportunity to take on include:

Head Boy and Head Girl
1 boy and 1 girl from Year 6
  • Represent our school at special functions.
  • Greet visitors and VIPs (e.g. Incursions, ANZAC Day, special Masses).
  • Lead Assemblies.
  • Set up Hall for Assemblies and events.
  • Assist in the running of Assemblies and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Lead Student Council meetings.
  • Graduation Speech.
  • Organise sport shed roster (Term 2).


Ministry Leaders
2 students from Year 6
  • Lead prayers at Assembly.
  • Help prepare and run MJR Assemblies.
  • Support regular charity fundraisers for poor and needy which include work for Caritas, Saint Vincent De Paul and Catholic Missions.
  • Attend Student Council meetings.
  • Introduce new prayers at Assembly and prayer focusses for special celebrations (e.g. Lent, Project Compassion, Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week).
  • Create awareness of Liturgical calendar and colours and help change prayer tablecloths when needed.
  • Organise sport shed roster (Term 3).


Environment Leaders
2 students from Year 6
  • Assist in the set up and running of assemblies (e.g. setting up microphones, playing National Anthem).
  • Attend Student Council meetings.
  • Work with Mrs Heelan and Student Councillors to come up with fundraising goals for Containers 4 Change.
  • Check oval and grounds, and help pack away sports equipment.
  • Promote and advertise recycling initiatives within the school.
  • Work with Mrs Heelan to manage the Worm Farm and to organise rosters.
  • Manage recycling program, organising collection points and bin at school events.
  • Organise sport shed roster (Terms 1 and 4).


Faction Captains
2 students from each faction
  • Help marshal students on Sport Carnival days.
  • Be prepared to give a speech if their faction wins the carnival.
  • Be a positive role model for sportsmanship in their factions.
  • Assist in the setting up and packing away of sports equipment and carnivals.
  • Organise faction chants and mascots.
  • Lead activities on Faction Fun days.


Year 6 Leaders
All students in Year 6
  • Rostered to help with the Sports Shed and Worm Farm.
  • Assist the running of school events.
  • Take a turn at being on the Student Council.
  • Support teachers to set up/pack away after Assemblies and other school events.
  • Be good role models for younger students in the school.
  • Participate in the completion of the Year 6 art project.
  • Help in the running of activities on Faction Fun days.
  • Assist in the running of school Masses and special celebrations (e.g. NAIDOC week, Harmony Day).


Student Councillors
2 students from each class per semester
  • Attend meetings twice a term (Friday afternoon).
  • Discuss with their class items named on the meeting agenda by the Head Boy and Head Girl.
  • Report to class after meetings.


One thing that may appear to be different from previous years is the removal of gendered leadership roles for Ministry Leaders, Environment Leaders and Faction Captains. By removing these labels, more students have the chance of getting a role based upon them as a person and not as part of a specific gender. In a modern world, we believe that leadership skills belong to an individual and are not dependant on their gender.

If there are any questions about anything here, please come and see me.  We are excitedly awaiting the speeches for this year and are looking forward to the results!


Mr Vine


Request for Community Support:

This is a way we can reach out to help others in need:

Danielle Jack is a former Dardanup local who is now a teacher in the community of Billiluna in the Kimberley. She is asking for donations of second-hand clothes for their Op-shop. They are in a very remote area and the families have difficulty accessing clothes and linen. The Op-shop itself is a shed within the school grounds, although during 2020 it was set up as an open-air shop. It is opened by a volunteer about once every two weeks. The funds from selling the second-hand clothes (usually $2.00 each) are used to buy food for the school canteen.

Danielle will be back home in Dardanup for Christmas, returning to Billiluna mid-January. Alison Congdon has offered to co-ordinate the collection of donations. All contributions very much welcomed!

There will be a box on the verandah at ‘The Old Dardanup Convent’ (Prayer House) for anyone wanting to leave donations until the end of term.

Thank you for your support.

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