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Dear Parents and Community Members,

Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday.
This marks the beginning of the Church season of Lent.
The word Lent comes from an old English word LENCTEN meaning Spring, a time of birth and regrowth.  Lent is a season that serves as a spiritual preparation
for the joy of the Easter Season.
During Lent we reflect on our own lives…
are we being true to  Christian values, or is it just lip service?
Is our relationship with God central to all that we do each day?
Do we reach out in generosity and compassion to those who are suffering in our world from lack of food, freedom and justice.
Let each of us make this Lent a real time of reflection and renewal


God of Hope

Open our eyes during this season of lent
so that we may be drawn closer to You.
Transform our lives and
renew our commitment to You.
May we seek justice and fairness for all this Lent.



Centenary Celebrations

We are still receiving positive feedback after our Centenary Celebrations.

Please continue to support our sponsors:

  • South 32 – Worsley
  • CDF
  • David and Peta Depiazzi
  • Murray Harris – Tyrepower
  • Lions
  • Living Spring Waters
  • DBC

If you did not get to order a brick for you family prior to the celebrations, we are looking at placing another order to add some more bricks to the Memorial Garden.  If you would like to have a little place representing your family, please complete an order form, available here or from the office. CLICK HERE for Brick order form.


Staff Welcome

Welcome to Mrs Suzie Faed, who re-joins our staff today as Education Assistant supporting the Kindergarten class.


Confirmation Enrolment and Staff/Board/P&F Executive Commissioning Mass

This will be held next Saturday night 7th March at 6.00pm in the Church.  Families of Year 6 students who are interested in participating in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation need to attend.  During the Mass, our school staff, School Board members and P&F Executive will be commissioned to carry out their very important work in our community.


School Board

The Board met last Tuesday.  Next meeting is on Tuesday 24 March at 5.30pm.  The Board recently arranged for more soft-fall mulch to be delivered to ensure appropriate safety for students when they play.  We continue to communicate with the Shire regarding the roadworks on Ferguson Road, and are assured that the completion date is getting closer.



The next P&F meeting is on Tuesday 17 March at 6.30pm.  An event planner has been sent home to all families to indicate which event/activity they are able to support during the year.  If you have not returned yours, you will receive another copy this week, as it is an expectation that all families will commit to help in at least one area/event.  At the last meeting, the P&F committed funds towards the cost of the plants in the Memorial Garden ($3000) and the buses for swimming lessons ($5000).  They also supported teacher ‘Wish Lists’ to provide resources for each class.  We are grateful for the support of our P&F.  If you would like to be involved, please come along to our meetings or contact one of our P&F Executive.

The P&F Executive for this year:

  • President – Alison O’Rourke
  • Vice President – Laura Gibbs
  • Treasurer – Elise Jago
  • Secretary – Fiona Torrisi

Class representatives to be the contact point to support allocated activities:

  • Kindy – Kate Beard
  • Pre-primary – Janica Jenour
  • Year 1 – Michelle Oversby
  • Year 2 – Jen Jones
  • Year 3 – Clare Clements
  • Year 4 – Rebecca Buswell
  • Year 5 – Emma Tyrrell
  • Year 6 – Laura Gibbs

Thank you to the class representatives for volunteering their time.


Bunbury Catholic College visit for Year 5 and 6 students

On Monday 16 March students from Years 5 and 6 will be visited by the Principal and past OLOL students from Bunbury Catholic College to speak about secondary school at the College.  The College Prospectus is available from the website

Parents are welcome to come along at 9.00am in the Hall.  Some dates to keep in mind for Year 6 students are as follows:

  • The Academic Scholarship Exam will be held on Saturday 16 May 2020. Application forms are available on the BCC website, or from the College office.
  • The Orientation Day for Year 6 students (Year 7 2021) will be held on Thursday 26 November.


School Fee Structure 2020

It is essential for the running and improvement of school facilities and resources, as well as the sharing of responsibility between all families, that we receive payment of fees.  Fees for 2020 have been increased by 6% since 2019, as per CEWA guidelines.  School fees are billed annually.  Payment options include a ‘one off’ payment which is payable within 28 days of billing.  Alternatively, payments can be scheduled over a 10-month period (February-November), monthly, fortnightly or weekly using the direct debit facility of the Catholic Development Fund (please see the school office for a direct debit form) or Bpay payments.  Other payment options are available by making an appointment with the Principal. Likewise, if you are having difficulty meeting the full fee amounts please do not hesitate to contact the Principal for a confidential meeting to discuss options and alternatives.

Health Care Card (HCC) discounts are only applicable to tuition fees, building levy and amenities fees. All other charges are still required to be paid.

The Amenities Fee covers some of the costs associated with classroom costs, stationery, some transport, sporting events and off-sets-part of the costs incurred with incursions.  Further costs for excursions may need to be charged.  The Amenities Fee does not cover School Camps or Swimming Lessons.

The IT & Building levies allow for the purchasing of ICT hardware, licences and upgrades of infrastructure as necessary.

Student Insurance is also provided by the school for each child attending our school.

Accounts were sent home to families last week.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.


Swimming lessons

This year, the P&F will support the buses for Swimming lessons.  This support reduces the cost for each student by $20.   


NAPLAN Online – Information for parents and carers.

An information sheet will be coming home tomorrow (and is attached here) for parents of students in Years 3 and 5, with information regarding NAPLAN, why we do it, what it assesses, how you can help your child prepare, participation and reporting.  Please see your classroom teacher if you have any questions.  NAPLAN assessments are scheduled for Term 2, 12-22 May.  More information will follow closer to the dates.  CLICK HERE for NAPLAN INFORMATION


Parent Permission for Educational Activities

There will be a one-off annual permission note sent home with each child today.  This includes, but is not limited to, Choir performances, Sporting events such as Winter Carnival and Athletics Carnival, Swimming lessons, Harmony Day, Chrism Mass, Leonardo Day, for example.

Information will always be communicated to parents about school activities and events, but specific permission will not be sought if the activity forms part of the Education Program of the school.  Please ensure that medical and contact information is always up to date at the school office.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Permission Note


Playground Equipment after school

Please be aware that the playground equipment is out of bounds for students after school, due to duty of care issues.  Many students are meeting up here but for safety reasons we are unable to allow play in this area after school hours.  This includes the Kindy/PP playground area.


Harmony Day

As a way of partnering with our neighbouring school, we will be celebrating Harmony Day with Dardanup Primary School on Friday 20 March.  We will take our lunch and walk to DPS to participate in afternoon activities before walking back to school.  This year, the theme for Harmony Day is the Olympics, and students will be allocated to groups named after various countries and will participate in a range of games and activities.  Parents are welcome to join us for the afternoon activities.


Photo Permission

From time to time, photos may be taken at school events of parents and other adults.  These photos may be used on the school managed Facebook page or in the school newsletter.  If you do not give permission for your photo to be used, please let the school know.


 Old Uniforms

From time to time we need to have some spare uniforms in the office for various reasons.  If you have any that you no longer need and would be willing to donate to the office, they would be gratefully received.


Pupil Free Days

Please note there are two pupil free days on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 April, in Week 9 of this school term.  Staff will be engaging in professional learning on these days, and there will be no school for students.


School Photos Date for your Diary

Please note School Photos for this year will be taken on Tuesday 30 June.


Have a wonderful week.

May God bless you



Mrs Angela Hegney


Our Lady of Lourdes