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Loving God,

at the beginning of this new term help us to keep the Easter message in our hearts and to give witness to it through our lives. 
As a Resurrection people we always set our sights on hope for the future. 
When all seems dark and uncertain draw our attention to the rising of Jesus your Son.  
When we reflect on the challenges brought about by COVID-19 guide us to celebrate the new growth that is being cultivated in us by working together as a Christ centred, student focused community of learning.  
Open our eyes to the new and exciting opportunities that this new term will bring. 


Dear Parents and Community Members,

We hope you had a relaxing holiday break at home with your families.

As we begin the second term of the school year, the Term Calendar for the next few weeks looks very empty.  Please note this will be revised as the term progresses and you will be updated when gatherings and events are able to be resumed.

Thank you for all your support as we transitioned to Remote Learning in the last few weeks of Term 1.

School resumes tomorrow for those who choose to send their children to school.  Home Learning Programs for the week will be emailed tomorrow morning, and regardless of their location all students will be working from the same program of work.

Students attending school may wear sports uniforms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and formal winter uniforms on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Summer uniform may be worn for the first few weeks if winter uniforms have not been able to be purchased yet.  Uniform shop will be available through CDF Pay and items will be sent home with students, if they are attending school.

Students attending school need to bring their home learning resources to school each day (ones provided in home learning packs and also things like Maths workbooks and exercise books that are already at home and pencil cases).  They will also need their hats each day. It is preferable that students bring their own individual water bottles.  This will reduce the need to drink directly from water fountains.

Drop-off and pick up protocols as per CEWA guidelines, state that parents may not enter the school grounds or exit cars.  Additional staff will be on hand to supervise students to get safely to their classrooms.  If your youngest child is in K/PP or Year 1, please drive and drop through the main parent car park, with drop off being directly in front of the gate near the Memorial Garden (staff directing traffic will assist you).  If your youngest child is in Year 2-6, please use the In-car pick-up drive through area outside the front of the Church.

Parents can expect a phone call from each child’s teacher once per week to discuss how they are going with their home learning, if they are learning at home.

We look forward to when we can all be back together at school again, but in the meantime, we aim to support students and families by respecting the choice of individual families and providing a quality learning program for all students, regardless of where the learning is occurring.


Remote Learning Student Guidelines

Please click here to access guidelines for Remote Learning.


P&F Wish List thanks

As always, we are grateful that our P&F generously supports classrooms each year with additional resources, based on teacher ‘wish lists’.  Here are some photos of the latest purchases in the Year 2, 3 and 5 classrooms.


Staff message to students:

Broadbent Baby

Congratulations to the Broadbent family, Matt, Annabel and Joshua, on the safe arrival of their precious little son and brother, Harry James.  We look forward to meeting him soon.

Enjoy the next few weeks, whether you are at home or at school.   Remember that whatever you do will be the best for your children, you are their first, and best, teachers.


Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any concerns or questions.

Have a wonderful week.

May God bless you



Mrs Angela Hegney


Our Lady of Lourdes