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Parents and Friends Association

Parents are invited to be active participants in the Parents and Friends Association which exists to improve the educational facilities for the students, provide a forum for school / home liaison and organise social events. Meetings are held twice a term, alternating between evening and morning meetings.

P&F Association Constitution
"The primary right of parents to educate their children must be upheld in all forms of collaboration between parents, teachers and school authorities, and particularly in forms of participation designed to give citizens a voice in the functioning of schools and in the formulation and implementation of educational policies." Article 5, "Charter of the Rights of the Family", issued by The Holy See, Rome, October 1983.

P&F Report 2021
Well we were all a little uncertain how 2021 would pan out after a messy 2020 with COVID lockdowns and home-schooling. The first week of term 1 in yet another lockdown was not a great start, but it was all full steam ahead from there.

With Christ as its inspiration and guided by Gospel values, the School aims to develop a sense of worth, responsibility, respect for others and an ongoing love of God and of learning.