Our Lady of Lourdes
Ferguson Road,
(08) 9728 2200


The Parish Priest has an important role to play in the pastoral care programme of the school.

Adequate consultation and planning will ensure the most effective contribution of the priest to the programmes of school.

Teacher and Parish Priest will work together in developing the Sacramental Programme, which will be of most benefit to the children concerned.

The Parish Priest is an ex-officio member of the School Board.

Priest in Charge
Fr Wayne Bendotti
P.O. Box 166
Dardanup WA 6236

Phone   9728 1145
Website   www.dardanupparish.com
Email   dardanupparish2@westnet.com.au

With Christ as its inspiration and guided by Gospel values, the School aims to develop a sense of worth, responsibility, respect for others and an ongoing love of God and of learning.